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Monomer uv glue What will happen

uv glue with respect to us, it will not feel so strange! previous articles introduced several .uv some knowledge about only uv glue curing adhesive mainly by ultraviolet irradiation device after uv glue which requires a prerequisite condition that two objects must have one is transparent, only then irradiated with ultraviolet light to go in. the following article Suzhou Ya can become mainly to introduce the case uv glue monomers.

uv glue uv gel diluent monomer that is, it is a functional group containing a polymerizable organic small molecules can be used to dissolve and dilute oligomers, adjust the viscosity of the system, directly affect the curing speed and curing of the glue uv all aspects of performance. So whether independent monomer having good water resistance, for the uv glue recipe is also a very important performance indicators. uv glue with a monomer having an unsaturated double bond is typically a monomer, mainly acrylate monomer. According to the number of monomer molecules containing reactive groups can be divided into monofunctional monomer, a bifunctional monomer and a multifunctional monomer. Not only determines the number of functional groups uv glue curing speed, but also on various properties of the cured play a decisive role.

Performance chemical structure of the monomer itself uv glue cured product has a great influence, such as gloss, hardness, flexibility, water resistance, etc., wherein the monomer containing an alkyl chain structure, aromatic ring structure and having a lactone ring structure comparison good hydrophobicity. So choose suitable monomers for improving the water resistance of the cured glue uv have a big help. Uv glue in order to increase flexibility and cured polymerization conversion rate, reduce the volume shrinkage while maintaining a good water resistance, should be the main choice of monofunctional monomers such as methyl acrylate, phenoxyethyl methacrylate, isobornyl and the like.

Bifunctional and polyfunctional diluent monomers, such as 1,6-hexanediol diacrylate, trimethylolpropane triacrylate, etc., may be appropriate to add them into the uv glue formulations according to the actual situation, in order to increase cross linking density, it helps to reduce the water absorption of the cured product. If the system inevitably add some hydrophilic group-containing monomer having hydroxyl or carboxyl group, such as to enhance the adhesion of hydroxyethyl methacrylate, you need a certain amount of appropriate adjustments to minimize which contains hydroxyl groups on water resistance due to adverse effects.

And that can become the Suzhou Ya you a brief introduction about the situation of these monomers uv glue, if did not understand can call to get in touch with us, I look forward to your work together, let us build a better future.