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Properties of isobornyl methacrylate

Isobornyl methacrylate is an important acrylate monomer. The product has a unique bridged ring structure, giving it special physical and chemical properties: low viscosity, high boiling point, low surface tension (low shrinkage), high glass transition temperature,low chroma,high refractive index, good hydrophobicity, good compatibility with various resins, solvents, pigments and fillers, as well as low toxicity and non-flammability.

IBOMA manufactures various resins, coatings, powder coatings, cleaning coatings, high-solid low-viscosity coating inks, adhesives, and the like. This product is in painting, printing, high-class cars, motorcycles, computers, mobile phones, home appliances, instrumentation, optical discs, optical fiber, furniture, flooring, glass jewelry, metal glazing, engineering plastics, flexible plastic film, film, inkjet , pressure sensitive adhesives, sealants and other aspects have been widely used.

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