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The role of ethylene glycol phenyl ether

Ethylene glycol phenyl ether, referred to as EPH, is a high-efficiency filming aid. Due to its excellent comprehensive characteristics, EPH-based acrylic resins, nitrocellulose and other resins have been widely used in many companies in Europe and America since the 1970s. The product has excellent solubility. It is proved that ethylene glycol phenyl ether can be used as a solvent for acrylic resin, nitrocellulose, cellulose acetate or the like, and is an ideal solvent for hydroxybenzoic acid esters.

Ethylene glycol phenyl ether as a dye solvent can increase the solubility of PVC plasticizer. Using its strong dissolving power, it cleans the surface treatment of printed circuit boards and plastics, cosmetic perfume protectants and thinners, and is an ideal solvent for hydroxybenzoates.

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