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Epoxy Soybean Oil Acrylate Coatings

Epoxy Soybean Oil Acrylate is a photoactive prepolymer with low viscosity, low skin irritation and excellent wettability to pigments.Since the epoxy soybean oil acrylate has a long molecular chain and a small crosslink density, the toughness and adhesion of the coating can be remarkably improved, and the main raw material epoxidized soybean oil is cheap and resource-rich.

UV light-curing coatings have attracted much attention due to their fast curing rate, high production efficiency and stable product performance. They are one of the fastest growing varieties in the coatings industry today.In recent years, UV-curable coatings have not only gradually replaced traditional coatings for wood and metal, but have also opened up new fields of application, such as packaging of electronic components, fiber coloring, etc., and the development prospects are very broad.

Our company-Nanjing Benze Chemical Industrial Co.Ltd specializes in research and development, production and export of UV curing materials, product types are extremely rich. Our company has many years of experience in this industry. If you have any questions, please let us know.